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Whether your job is a small residential project, a large renovation, or an architecturally diverse site, we supply and install the best products for the job. These include GIB-Cove®, GIB® Goldline™, GIB® Slim Angle, GIB® Slim Arch Bead, GIB® Stopping Angles, GIB® Casing Beads, GIB® Shadowline Stopping Bead, GIB® Metal Trim Control Joint (P35) and GIB® Plastic W-Profile Control Joint.

We supply the materials most appropriate to your project and provide the superior quality workmanship you need.

We do your job right the first time, and we know you’ll be delighted with the results. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority.

We work alongside you at every step from the initial quote to a satisfactory completion. The whole process is collaborative, stress-free, and gives you exactly what you want. Disruption to your business or home life is minimal.


Level 3 Finish

Specified for areas that do not require any decoration (ie. above ceilings or inside service shafts etc). These areas are not painted or decorated and the final appearance is not important.

Level 4 Finish

The standard level of finish for plasterboard lining where normal decoration by painting is to be carried out. Unless otherwise specified, a level 4 finish shall be taken as the default standard level of finish for plasterboard (as defined in AS/NZS 2589 (2007).

Level 5 Finish

The highest level of finish (when specified) for plasterboard lining where the desired outcome is to have a finished surface that is as free as possible from surface defects and visual blemishes. Level 5 finish does not however mean that the surface is without texture variation.

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