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Auckland Plastering Group and CONSTRKT

When Luke Jackison moved out of commercial project management to start up his own construction company, APG was one of the first to join his network of trusted subtrades. “They’ve been part of the journey from the start,” he says. “And one of the few who proved themselves and stayed the course.”

CONSTRKT took less than five years to establish a solid reputation in Auckland’s fast-moving and extremely competitive high-end residential construction industry. Because they work with the top 5% of tradespeople and building companies, CONSTRKT have to be consistent and dependable. They also need to keep up with the latest innovations in materials and techniques. That’s why APG are such a good fit.

“Grant, Simon and Aidan are so easy to deal with, and I like the way they manage things,” says Luke. “They – and all the staff – are passionate about what they do, super-friendly and professional.” He particularly likes the high levels of training and skills that APG staff bring to his jobs. “You know you’re dealing with craftspeople. Not just your everyday GIB-stoppers,” he says. Luke knows he can call any of the Directors, any time, and get the technical advice and expert suggestions he needs. And they’ll come out to a job at a moment’s notice if necessary. “Their industry knowledge and ability to assess requirements is unparalleled, quite frankly,” says Luke.

A recent collaboration with APG involved five buildings across an equestrian farm just outside Auckland, which took two-years to complete. Because APG are able and willing to do the stopping, plastering and painting, internally as well as externally, Luke knew he’d deliver the highest quality result to his clients. “Doing the job from beginning to end means they have full control of the finish and consistency,’ says Luke. “And that plays a big role in the final product.” APG also step up and deal with issues as they arise and don’t need to be “micro-managed”, according to Luke. “They make very sure we stick to our construction programmes. We know we can rely on them.” Being efficient and consistent keeps CONSTRKT clients happy, and that makes Luke happy.

APG’s follow up service is also first rate. Luke is impressed with the sound warranty APG gives as standard and how seriously they take customer satisfaction. He knows a team will go back to touch up cracks caused by natural shrinkage, or make tweaks the client might need after the job. “And sometimes we get clients who come with an issue caused by another company, and they want us to straighten things out.” Luke has no hesitation in turning to APG for advice and suggestions. When it comes to stopping, plastering and painting, he knows APG can get things sorted. “They always deliver, and they’re so easy to work with,” says Luke. “Honestly, I think they’d give you the shirts off their backs if you asked them!”

And CONSTRKT intends to take this excellent working relationship forward into the future. The market is expanding and there are always exciting technological advances across their trades. Both companies are keen to find new and innovative ways to add value to their client’s projects. “And we share the same overall philosophy around building lasting relationships with our construction partners and our clients. We each like how the other operates, and we know we work well together.”

Luke recommends APG for their quiet professionalism, their creative approach to problem-solving, and the fact you can depend on them.

CONSTRKT – Healthy Smart Sustainable Homes

Author: APG Ltd